Sujet d’entraînement en anglais : les nouvelles technologies Sujet d’entraînement en anglais : les nouvelles technologies
Sujet incontournable en expression écrite et surtout à l’oral, les nouvelles technologies sont un thème d’actualité très valorisé par le jury des concours. Cet... Sujet d’entraînement en anglais : les nouvelles technologies

Sujet incontournable en expression écrite et surtout à l’oral, les nouvelles technologies sont un thème d’actualité très valorisé par le jury des concours.

Cet article propose différentes façons de traiter ce sujet, avec diverses idées pour donner plus de force à tes arguments. Il contient aussi un exemple de plan d’essai sur ce thème.


#1 – Différentes approches sont possibles

Tout d’abord, l’idée générale que tu peux mettre en avant est le fait que ces nouvelles technologies ont un rôle très important et qu’elles ont permis d’améliorer notre vie. Ensuite, tu peux nuancer en précisant qu’elles peuvent avoir des conséquences négatives sur notre société. 

Il est également intéressant de faire un contraste entre the pros, dans une partie, et the cons, dans une autre partie, concernant les nouvelles technologies. 

  • Social: The new technologies are suppressing jobs. For instance, online shopping is reducing jobs in retail stores.
  • Political: The use of artificial intelligence (AI) can spread miss-information and manipulate public opinion, which is known as Deep Fake.
  • Health: These people that lost their jobs will not be able to find a new employment due to their educational background. This can put them under deep stress, which can have severe consequences to both mental and physical health.

Problématiques possibles à utiliser :

Has new technologies really improved our world?
Is technology a real form of progress?
Are these new forms of technology an ill or a blessing?


#2 – Plan d’un essai sur les nouvelles technologies

Today, new technologies have become ubiquitous, these new means have clearly impacted our society and its way of functioning. Indeed, our world is now more interconnected and companies have embraced this innovation in order to increase their profit. Are these new means a form of progress?


I/ On one hand, these new means of technology have improved our way of living. It seems that they are a real form of progress.

→ Thanks to these innovative means, our society can improve. thanks to autonomous trucks, there will be less accidents because fatigue is the first cause of these incidents among drivers that are forced to drive for many hours without rest.

→ Furthermore, thanks to artificial intelligence, firms are able to improve their productivity. In the years to come, artificial intelligence will expedite the practice of law, it will be able to examine the law and historical examples in order to solve problems faster.


II/ On the other hand, these new means do not seem to be a real form of progress but a real regression.

→ Indeed, new technologies can isolate people from their surroundings. They end up losing their social skills. The movie Her depicts this idea by showing that a person can fall in love of a AI machine and isolate himself in his own bubble.

→ In addition, some governments or institutions can use them as a real real weapon of manipulation in order to win referendums or elects presidents. For instance, in 2016 Cambridge Analytics used the data provided by Facebook in order to manipulate the British people to vote in favor of Brexit. 

Thus, there is no doubt that our world is being deeply changed by new technologies. However, society must be prepared for the health, social and political impact of these new means. The economic process has to be rethought, including taxation in such a way that some of the economic value brought by the new technologies can be reversed back to attenuate the impact to the society. 


#3 – Vocabulaire

An ill : un mal

Attention span : capacité de concentration

Unemployment : chômage

Ubiquitous : omniprésent

Drawback : régression

Progress : progrès

Autonomous car : voiture autonome

Software : logiciel

To withdraw oneself in its own bubble : s’isoler dans sa propre bulle

To manipulate public opinion : manipuler l’opinion publique

Money makes the world go round : l’argent fait tourner le monde

To expedite : accélérer


Teste-toi dans ce quiz sur le vocabulaire des nouvelles technologies en anglais !

Alexandre Carvalho

Ancien préparationnaire du lycée Saliege en ECS, je suis en première année à Grenoble Ecole de Management.